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Soybean oil

The enterprise produces unrefined soybean oil in accordance with DSTU 4534:2006 “Soybean oil. Technical conditions” Soybean oil is obtained from soybean seeds. The oil consists of a complex mixture of various triacylglycerides, phospholipids, wax (esters of fatty higher alcohols and fatty acids), a certain amount of free fatty acids and various non-fatty substances. According to …

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Rapeseed oil

The enterprise produces unrefined rapeseed oil of the first and second grades in accordance with DSTU 46.072:2005 “Rapeseed oil. Technical conditions”. Rapeseed oil is extracted from rapeseed. Rape is one of the most valuable and promising crops in the global production of vegetable oils. This is a crop with high oil content (up to 45%). …

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Sunflower meal

The enterprise produces toasted sunflower meal according to DSTU 4638:2006 “Sunflower meal. Specifications”. Sunflower meal is a solid product obtained together with sunflower oil during extraction after preliminary pressing and additional moisture-heat treatment of sunflower seeds. Sunflower meal can be used as feed for all types of farm animals and birds either in its pure …

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