Sunflower Oil

The enterprise produces unrefined and unfrozen sunflower oil by DSTU 4492:2005 “Sunflower oil. Technical conditions” Sunflower oil is obtained from the seeds of the sunflower, the annual plant Helianthus annus of the compositac family. Sunflower oil belongs to fatty seed oils. It consists of a complex mixture of various triglycerides and a certain amount of …

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Soybean oil

The enterprise produces unrefined soybean oil in accordance with DSTU 4534:2006 “Soybean oil. Technical conditions” Soybean oil is obtained from soybean seeds. The oil consists of a complex mixture of various triacylglycerides, phospholipids, wax (esters of fatty higher alcohols and fatty acids), a certain amount of free fatty acids and various non-fatty substances. According to …

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Rapeseed oil

The enterprise produces unrefined rapeseed oil of the first and second grades in accordance with DSTU 46.072:2005 “Rapeseed oil. Technical conditions”. Rapeseed oil is extracted from rapeseed. Rape is one of the most valuable and promising crops in the global production of vegetable oils. This is a crop with high oil content (up to 45%). …

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