ACP and Innovatus foreign funds manipulate information to seize the grain terminal in Odesa for the benefit of the Russians – Sunolta statement

ACP and Innovatus foreign funds manipulate information to seize the grain terminal in Odesa for the benefit of the Russians – Sunolta statement
Foreign funds Argentem Creek Partners (ACP), Innovatus Capital Partners (Innovatus) and their arbitration manager Oleksiy Sokol openly mislead the public regarding the stevedoring assets of the international Sunolta group of companies in the Odesa Sea Trade Port.
In particular, in the involved agrarian mass media, lawyers of ACP and Innovatus made public the position of these funds that the owners of the GNT Group holding, Serhiy Groza and Volodymyr Naumenko, allegedly control Attollo Granum LLC, which is part of the Sunolta group.
This slander was also voiced on behalf of Oleksiy Sokol, who, by court decision, was appointed as the arbitration administrator in the bankruptcy case of the company “Olympex Coupe International” (part of the GNT Group).
Sunolta declares that all such statements by ACP, Innovatus and Oleksiy Sokol are outright lies and an attempt to misinform the public in order to raid our assets for the benefit of the Russians. The Attollo Granum company is legally part of the Sunolta group (through Sunolta OU) and has no relation to the owners of the GNT Group. It legally carries out stevedoring activities in the Odesa sea trade port, providing services for transshipment of grain for export.
“Attollo Granum” was created in 2023 to implement the group’s stevedoring projects. In February of the same year, Sunolta, despite the war unleashed against Ukraine by the Russian Federation, invested in the acquisition of technological capacities for transshipment of grain for export in the Odesa port. In particular, a part of logistics port facilities and equipment belonging to GNT Group (grain terminal “Olympex Coupe International”) and pledged by Ukrainian banks “Pivdenny” and “Vostok” for debt obligations was bought.
The decision to invest in the stevedoring business was made after a legal dispute over assets between GNT Group and its creditors, ASR and Innovatus, began in December 2022. This endangered the shipment of agricultural products of Sunolta, which used the services of this terminal in the Odesa port.
We emphasize that Sunolta acquired property that was mortgaged by Ukrainian banks and to which the creditors of the company “Olympex Coupe International” – the ACP fund and Innovatus – had nothing to do. Legal registration of all contracts for the recovery of this property was carried out on legal grounds. But with the help of a blatantly illegal decision of the Ministry of Justice, the foreign fund ACP is trying to challenge the ownership of real estate and seize Sunolta’s assets.
Therefore, the current statements of ACP about the connection of “Attollo Granum” with the owners of GNT are another stage of the attempted raider attack on Sunolta’s assets. The only thing connecting “Attollo Granum” and “Olympex Coupe International” is a purely commercial relationship based on commercial contracts.
In particular, the company of the Sunolta group orders grain storage services from Olympex only on the part of the elevators (silos) that remained in the ownership of Olympex Coupe International. Attollo Granum performs all other stevedoring operations (storage at other elevators, grain loading, etc.) independently at its own facilities.
We associate the activation of the attack with the fact that, according to the media, the foreign fund ACP is trying to transfer the Ukrainian grain terminal under the control of a citizen of the Russian Federation. In particular, information was published in the media that the assets of “Olympex Coupe International” were transferred to the Trans-Oil group of companies, the beneficiary of which is a businessman with a Russian passport, Jasha Vazha Enrykovych.
The Moldovan mass media published a statement by the Trans-Oil group of companies, which is controlled by Vazha Jasha, that on April 4, 2024, it “signed an agreement for the lease and management of the Oimpex port terminal with the owners-creditors of this terminal – Argentum Creek Partners and Innovatus Capital Partners… The Olympex terminal is in the process of being transferred to the management of Trans-Oil Group from April 24, 2024.” At the same time, the ACP fund will bankrupt “Olympex Coupe International” LLC as early as February 2023.
It is obvious that without part of the assets of the grain terminal, which legally belong to the Sunolta group, the ACP fund will not be able to transfer the Ukrainian grain handling facilities in the full technological cycle to the control of the Russian citizen Vazha Jash (Trans-Oil).
It is shameful for the Sunolta Group to realize that the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine took an active and illegal part in the affairs of a foreign fund together with a citizen of the Russian Federation in the seizure of Ukrainian port facilities.
The Sunolta group of companies has been engaged in export and domestic trade, production and provision of logistics services in the agricultural market for more than 25 years. The production and trade range of agricultural products consists of sunflower seeds, wheat, peas, sunflower oil, flour, fuel pellets from sunflower husks, etc. The Sunolta group includes enterprises for the production of oil and flour.

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