Soybean oil

The enterprise produces unrefined soybean oil in accordance with DSTU 4534:2006 “Soybean oil. Technical conditions” Soybean oil is obtained from soybean seeds.

The oil consists of a complex mixture of various triacylglycerides, phospholipids, wax (esters of fatty higher alcohols and fatty acids), a certain amount of free fatty acids and various non-fatty substances. According to the chemical structure, triacylglycerides are complex esters of alcohol – glycerol and fatty acids. The fatty acids that make up soybean oil are mostly unsaturated.

According to their chemical structure, fatty acids are derivatives of hydrocarbons in which one hydrogen atom is replaced by a carboxyl group. The carboxyl group in all fatty acids is the same, and the residues of hydrocarbon radicals “R” differ in the number of carbon atoms included in them and the degree of unsaturation. If there are two hydrogen (H) atoms for each carbon atom in a fatty acid molecule, the fatty acid is saturated (limiting).

Soybean oil is used for food, technical and medical purposes.

  • Soybean oil is used for food purposes:
  • directly into food;
  • in the preparation of food products (canned foods, mayonnaise, bakery products, etc.).
  • it is included in the composition of the fat base during the production of solid edible fats, hard and soft margarine and other fats.

For technical purposes:

  • for splitting to obtain glycerol and fatty acids;
  • for obtaining hydrated fats, for introduction into the fat mixture when preparing detergents;
  • for the production of technical oils;
  • are used as a component in the production of some types of oil.

Unrefined soybean oil is a raw material for the production of hydrated and refined deodorized soybean oil.

The enterprise can deliver grade 1 and 2 oil. It is shipped by specialized road transport of the enterprise or the customer. Shipment in flexi-tanks or railway tanks is possible.

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