Rapeseed oil

The enterprise produces unrefined rapeseed oil of the first and second grades in accordance with DSTU 46.072:2005 “Rapeseed oil. Technical conditions”. Rapeseed oil is extracted from rapeseed.

Rape is one of the most valuable and promising crops in the global production of vegetable oils. This is a crop with high oil content (up to 45%). Rapeseed is assigned an important role as a source of edible vegetable oil, as well as as a raw material for obtaining technical products, namely, the production of methyl and ethyl acids of rapeseed oil (or BIODIESEL).

It is traditionally used as an edible oil, which is due to the predominance of monounsaturated oleic acids in its composition and a small content of di- and tri-unsaturated, which reduces oxidation and increases the shelf life. At the same time, the processing of rapeseed oil is associated with difficulties, given the need to remove phospholipids, free fatty acids, pigments of the chlorophyll group, and sulfur compounds from it.

Rapeseed oil contains vitamin E and many unsaturated fatty acids: polyunsaturated acids (linoleic fatty acid – Omega 6, linolenic fatty acid – Omega 3) and monounsaturated acids (oleic fatty acid – Omega 9).

Edible rapeseed oil has a pleasant nutty aroma and characteristic taste, and its color can be from yellow to brown. It is intended for the preparation of various dishes (salads, confectionery, canning, frying) and the production of food products.

Rapeseed seeds with a content of erucic acid no more than 2% and glucosinolates – 3% are used for food purposes. According to the industry standard of Ukraine DSTU 46.072 for rapeseed oil, unrefined oil of the highest and first grades, as well as refined, non-deodorized and refined deodorized with an erucic acid capacity of no more than 5% and sulfur of no more than 6 mg/kg can be used for food purposes.

Industrial rapeseed oil is used in the production of engine lubricants.

cannot be eaten. This is due to the fact that it contains an increased amount of erucic acid, which is toxic and carcinogenic to humans. The total content of erucic fatty acid and monounsaturated acids is in the range of 53-69%, and polyunsaturated – up to 23%. Industrial oil most fully meets the requirements for the production of alternative fuel for diesel engines.

The enterprise can deliver grade 1 and 2 oil. Shipment is carried out by specialized road transport of the enterprise or the customer. Shipment in flexi-tanks or railway tanks is possible.

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