Soybean meal

Soybean meal is a solid product obtained by extracting soybean seeds together with soybean oil after preliminary flaking and additional moisture-heat treatment.

Toasted soybean meal according to DSTU 4230:2000 can be used as feed for all types of farm animals and birds either in its pure form or as a component of compound feed.

Soybean meal DSTU 4593 is used for the production of food products. Soybean meal is a raw material for further processing: for the production of food soy flour, for the production of food soy texture, as well as as an independent commercial product. It is sold as a raw material to companies producing soy protein products.

Shipment is carried out in bulk by specialized road transport of the enterprise or the customer. It is possible to ship in 1SS containers or specialized railway wagons (hoppers).

Soybean seeds

The raw material for production is soybean seed, which meets the requirements of DSTU 4964:2008. The seeds arrive at the enterprise by road transport and are accepted by net weight, depending on soiling and humidity. Wet seeds can be dried. Garbage is cleaned on separation equipment.

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