Rapeseed meal

The enterprise produces rape meal in accordance with GOST 30257-95 4638:2006 “Rape meal. Specifications”.

Meal is a solid product obtained during extraction from rapeseed together with rapeseed oil after preliminary pressing and additional wet-heat treatment.

Meal obtained from rapeseed contains up to 37-40% of valuable protein. Rapeseed meal is used for nutritional supplements in compound feed recipes and for feeding livestock and poultry.

Shipment is carried out in bulk by specialized road transport of the enterprise or the customer. Shipment in 1SS type containers or specialized railway wagons (hoppers) is possible.

Rapeseed seeds

The raw material for production is rapeseed, which meets the requirements of DSTU 4966:2008. The seeds arrive at the enterprise by road transport and are accepted by net weight, depending on soiling and humidity. Wet seeds can be dried. Garbage is cleaned on separation equipment.

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