Oil is a very useful product. It is used both in cooking and for external use. These ingredients usually have a very large set of useful components, vitamins, trace elements, and active substances, without which certain metabolic processes do not occur in our body. So, a yellowish liquid is actively used in cosmetology. Especially, actively women use it as a cream. But at the same time, it is important to know which product to choose and how to do it correctly.


Oils can be of two types:

  • refined;
  •  unrefined.

The second option went through only one stage of processing – mechanical. The product was not subjected to heat treatment, which means that all the beneficial properties possessed by the plant from which the liquid was extracted remain in the final result. Therefore, unrefined is very useful, and it can be actively used for cosmetic purposes. This product can be immediately distinguished from the refined one by the fact that the liquid has a characteristic color, smell, and its consistency is much fatter.

The refined version has gone through several stages of processing and purification, so in the course, it lost many useful elements, color, and smell. Accordingly, its shelf life will be longer than that of unrefined. But this is not the main point, it can be used in cooking, adding to various dishes – salads, soups, and the like.


This ingredient is used more often in food, as its price is significantly lower. In terms of the amount of nutrients, a more purified version will differ from an unrefined one, but not by much, therefore its consumption is also useful.

For example, a refined one is allowed to be given to young children, and consumed by pregnant women, because the body during this period is quite susceptible to external pathogens, and an unrefined version can even harm a still fragile child or a woman carrying a baby. Since the purified version is odorless, and is perfect for those who have sensitive skin, or increased susceptibility to odors.

During the massage, products based on this ingredient are also used for convenience and a relaxing effect. In this case, it is also better to stop at refined. In addition, its smell will not suppress the remaining components of the mixture but rather open them even more. It should be noted that no allergic reactions were observed when using the ingredient on the epidermis, the latter is possible only on an individual basis if there is an allergy to any specific constituent components of the product.
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