Oils have entered our lives and are actively used by us in cooking and cosmetology. For example, people most often use this type of liquid:

  • olive;
  • vegetable;
  • coconut;
  • almond and others.

This product has earned such popularity due to its useful properties and quality. But sometimes the question arises in the store: to take refined or unrefined. Everything, of course, depends on the purposes for which you make a purchase. Based on this, it is worth making a choice. Therefore, you need to understand what both of these options are and learn about their differences from each other.


Unrefined oils are obtained by cold or hot pressing. There is only one cleaning, from mechanical impurities. Therefore, this product has more components and trace elements than the plant had before. Its dark color and smell and taste are also different. It is used for salads or cold dishes, where a certain taste quality needs to be highlighted.

The composition of unrefined oil also includes water, since the product itself does not undergo a water purification procedure. Therefore, when frying, this option will foam and burn to the brim, which makes it, not the best choice.

Therefore, for cosmetic purposes, crude oil is better suited and will help a person cope with some problems. For example, oil is actively used as part of hair masks, creams, or lotions. After all, this product is saturated with fats and vitamins, which are well absorbed by the skin or hair, saturating it with useful elements.

Olive, for example, is actively used as a tanning lotion. Getting on the body under the sun’s rays. The oil does not allow the skin to burn under ultraviolet rays, and at the same time, the tan lays down evenly and beautifully. It is absolutely harmless to the epidermis, allergic reactions to individual components are possible only in individual cases.

What are the differences between refined

Refined oil, before entering the package, goes through many processes and stages of processing and purification. Of course, during this, a significant amount of useful substances and active elements is lost. Therefore, this option is best suited for cooking or for external use by those who have quite sensitive skin. Unrefined, on the contrary, encounters only mechanical squeezing on its way, and therefore all its useful properties are preserved.

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