Some products that are grown in fields and gardens have their value not only in fresh form or after processing. What remains in the process of their use can play an important role for a person. For example, such a product is sunflower, from the seeds of which sunflower oil is produced. And what to do with waste? You should not throw them away, but what is the usefulness of such “garbage” we will consider below in this article.

So, after pouring the wonderful and irreplaceable oil into jars that will later appear on store shelves, there are several products left:

  • Oilcake;
  • Meal – trimmings after extracting oil from seeds;
  • The husk or seed husk.

Since we briefly dealt with the last two, let’s focus on the cake. It is obtained in the process of pressing seeds, and what remains from their kernels is called cake. Such chopped remains are distinguished by their useful composition of protein and only 7 percent of fat.

Therefore, the amount of protein in this product is greater than in cereal grains, so it can be used for animal feed. In addition, there is vitamin E and useful phospholipids. The cake contains other nutritious and active trace elements that are necessary for the normal development of the animal organism. In addition, such a product is not expensive and available.

As you have already noticed, due to its rich composition, a cake is an ideal option for feeding animals such as rabbits, pigs, and cattle, as well as birds. It promotes weight gain, and improvement of metabolic processes in the animal body. In addition, a cake can prevent the appearance of diseases and gives a lot of energy. It is produced in the form of granules or pressed plates and grains.

In addition, such food does not have any smell or unpleasant taste. It should be stored in a dry place, preferably in bags. A large amount of moisture or heat sources can significantly reduce the quality of the product and make it useless.

In addition to the correct method of storage, it is necessary to follow portioned feeding of animals. After all, otherwise, an overdose of the animal’s body can be severely damaged.

This product is recommended for feeding livestock both for large farms and factories and for private individuals. After all, in fact, it is not as expensive as other similar products, which really pleases those who keep a lot of livestock.

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