Production history
The key to success is continuous development over 22 years:


The production was established based on of a compound feed plant in October 2001 as a small oil company with a productivity of 30 t/day under the scheme of double pressing with floor storage warehouses for 5 thousand tons.


New boiler room and primary pressing department – productivity up to 160 tons of sunflower per day


Granulation department, expansion of the oil-press shop, the possibility of rapeseed processing – productivity, up to 160 t/day of sunflower


Extraction workshop for one line with the possibility of processing up to 700 t/day of sunflower seeds


Modernization of the extraction workshop and the oil-pressing workshop to ensure the overall productivity of the enterprise – 1100 t/day of sunflower or rapeseed.


General modernization of the enterprise with the installation: of a second extraction line, new steam boilers, a new department for the preparation of rapeseed or soybean seeds for extraction, expansion of floor storage warehouses – the possibility of simultaneous processing of two crops and a total productivity of 2000 t/day of rapeseed and/or sunflower seeds was obtained


Continuation of the reconstruction of the manufacturer’s enterprise: modernization of the system
water supply, replacement of worn physical reception and counterfeiting equipment
raw materials, installation of equipment to control the flow to improve quality
production and granulation of meal, the start of production of ISCC EU certified and
GMP+ FC scheme 2020 products…

Features of the technology
High-quality seeds grown in the most optimal for oil crops in the heart of Ukraine – Kirovohrad region are used as raw materials
Production technology – processing of seeds by the method of single pressing followed by extraction on two independent lines (each line has its own product).
The production process is carried out in accordance with the regulatory documentation in force in Ukraine under the constant control of state bodies and in close cooperation with the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Oils and Fats of the Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine.

History of Sunolta group companies

The history of achievements and professionalism, the level of which

grows and expands with each solved task.

For 25 years, the company has taken a long path of development through hundreds of different ones

projects and continues to follow it, finding and offering clients new solutions, new ones

products, and new technologies, which are the result of the ingenuity of the company’s specialists, thanks to

why Sunolta has gained wide popularity, new customers, and market success.

Sunolta – sales of oil and grain crops.

Sunolta – processing of oilseeds with obtaining the corresponding products,

produced at its enterprises included in the group.

Sunolta can provide you with:

  • sunflower seeds and their processing products:
  • sunflower oil according to DSTU 4492:2005;
  • sunflower seed meal toasted granulated or non-granulated according to DSTU 4638:2006;
  • granule pressed from sunflower husk (fuel pellet) according to TU37.2-315015853-001:2010;
  • soybean seeds and their processing products:
    soybean oil according to DSTU 4534:2006;
  • soybean fodder meal toasted granulated or non-granulated according to DSTU 4230:2003;
  • rapeseed and its processing products:
  • rapeseed oil according to DSTU 46.072:2005;
  • rapeseed meal granulated or non-granulated according to GOST 30257-95.

Sunolta is a full cycle of raw material processing, starting with delivery from its producer to elevators and ending with the sale and transportation of finished products to the consumer.

Sunolta – the rhythmic work of the main production, which did not stop even for a minute in the conditions of the War, due to the uninterrupted work of the commercial and logistics divisions of the group and individual enterprises included in it.

Sunolta is one of the reliable producers of fuel pellets from sunflower husks and a supplier of thermal energy for communal and state institutions in Ukraine

Sunolta is one of the companies in Ukraine that implements innovative technologies, including bioenergy.

The group’s business model is based on positions in all industry segments, an experienced team of professionals, and competent risk management.

A high-quality product obtained with the help of advanced Ukrainian technologies on Ukrainian equipment has made the processor famous in Ukraine and far beyond its borders.

Over the past three years, products have been supplied to more than 30 countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova,
Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Algeria,
Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Thailand, Sudan, Tunisia, Thailand,
India, Bahrain, Israel, Jordan, Iran, Yemen, Canada, Qatar,
Kuwait, Lebanon, UAE, Oman, USA, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
Turkey, Mongolia, Indonesia, Vietnam, EU countries;

Over many years of history, the Sunolta Group (since 1996) has developed its corporate style, confirmed by certificates for the Integrated Management System for the Safety of Food Products and Feeds (ISM BHPK) based on the standards of the EU and Ukraine, which operates at the enterprise – the manufacturer of the main products:

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